Who we are?

We accelerate start-ups but we are not an accelerator program. We aim beyond that. In addition to training, mentorship and consulting services in various fields which are provided to start-ups, we also provide an excellent industry cooperation opportunity to them.

Besides the start-up accelerator program, we support our industrial firms by implementing our Corporate Innovation Accelerator Program to contribute our industry’s transformation. We also contribute our industry’s transformation by different fields such as start-up way of thinking and doing business, agile organizations, digital transformation as well as adaptation to the transition of industries for distruptive business models.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) is the largest industrial chamber in Turkey with its member base of more than 19,000 companies accounting for 40% of the value-added produced by industry and 35% of Turkish exports.

As the largest industrial chamber in Turkey, ICI gives a vital importance to education and university-industry cooperation. In 2015, ICI and ITU Arı Technopark established a strategic partnership pioneering entrepreneurship within the scope of university-industry cooperation. In this context, Istanbul Chamber of Industry became one of the major partners of ITU Çekirdek which is the leading incubation center that received the most applicants in Turkey.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry, apart from this strategic partnership, acts as complimentary to the preincubators/incubators and start-up offices instead of being competitors. Besides, ICI conducts KOZA Start-up Acceleration Program as a driving force for the entrpreneurial development and startups’ speed growth.